By utilizing our strategies, we'll help you and your partner discover fresh ways to communicate, transforming misanderstandings into opportunities for growth and deeper intimacy.


Straightening deeper connections between you and your partner, using skills that empower you to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts with respect, and straighten your emotional bond


We are commited to helping couples, like you, learn the art of growing together, fostering an environment where individual dreams are harmoniously aligned with shared goals.

Cristina Wood LMFT

Hello, I am Cristina Wood, LMFT

I am here to help!

Reaching out for help is proof of your strengths

Whether you are looking for a fulfilling career, harmonious relationships, resilient children, and a life abundant in purpose. I am here to help. I provide tailored tools and insights to unlock every individual's potential.

I believe that we already have inside us, everything we need to accomplish anything we want to in our lives. We have the ability – in the middle of complete despair – to link ourselves with that little flame in our heart that fuels our soul and connects us with LIFE. The process can be challenging, but it is rewarding and enriching. It sets us free, makes us stronger, and gives us the power to move in the direction of a life full of possibilities. 🙂

In the intricate dance of romantic relationships, even the most loving couples struggle with communication, frequent arguments, and diminishing intimacy. When these issues arise, many couples seek a solution that is not only effective but also not backed by scientific research. This is where the Gottman Method comes into play. Developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, this method offers a comprehensive approach to relationship counseling that has transformed countless relationships worldwide.

Understanding the Gottman Method

The Gottman Method is built on over four decades of research and clinical practice. At its core, it aims to increase respect, affection, and closeness between partners. The method focuses on managing conflict constructively, building a deeper connection, and creating shared meaning within the relationship. The Gottman Method is grounded in the Sound Relationship House Theory, which outlines the key elements contributing to a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

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