Build Resilience

Fostering the mental and emotional strength to bounce back from adversities, equipped with a wiser and more adaptive perspective for future challenges.

Nurture Inner Peace

Creating a harmonious relationship with yourself, founded on self-compassion, mindfulness, and a deep-seated acceptance of yours intrinsic worth.

Cultivate a Fulfilling Life

Shaping your existence around core values and passions, while fostering relationships and engagements that bring depth, joy, and purpose to everyday experiences.

Therapy Is Not Forever...

A Journey to Well-being

Therapy is not forever… With this program we embark on a  journey guided by the principles of Problem-solving Therapy (PST), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness.  This program is designed to serve individuals experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of anxiety and depression. The primary mission is to foster resilience, nurture inner peace, and cultivate a flourishing life, wherein therapy is not a lifelong commitment, but a structured pathway to rediscovering joy and wellbeing in a sustainable manner. The idea is to empower you with the skills you can use over and over again without the need to come to therapy everytime you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Throughout this work together, the aim is to equip you with the skills and techniques necessary to navigate life’s challenges with a renewed perspective and enhanced clarity. By investing in this journey, you are taking a firm step towards healing and self-growth.


Keep in mind that each person is unique and sometimes what works for someone do not necessarily works for you. I want to assure you that it is a process that requires full involvement. I will be with you every step of the way and together we will develop the best treatment plan for you to reach your goals. The work is on your own pace with awareness of your progress. 

Step 1: Foundation and Awareness

In the initial phase, we focus on building a robust foundation where you will be introduced to the core philosophies of ACT, PST, Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness. Through a series of carefully designed sessions, we will work on fostering awareness of your internal experiences, understanding the narratives that shape your world, and beginning to chart a course to a more harmonious self.

Step 2: Skill Development and Strengthening

As we move into the second phase, we will further delve into skill development, offering tools and strategies grounded in proven therapies. This stage is where we enhance your problem-solving abilities, assist in identifying your values, and help in developing a healthier relationship with your thoughts and feelings.

Step 3: Implementation and Practice

In this pivotal stage, we facilitate the practice and implementation of the skills learned in a safe, supportive environment. Here, we encourage you to apply your newfound knowledge actively in daily life, nurturing your ability to embrace the present moment and foster positive experiences, thereby gradually reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Step 4: Integration and Preparation for Future

In the final stretch of our journey, we focus on integration, helping you to harmoniously blend the learned skills into your life. This period is dedicated to preparing you for the journey ahead, armed with a toolkit of techniques to manage life’s challenges independently and sustainably. We will work on building resilience and developing a personal wellbeing plan to guide your future.

Happy clients

See why they love it so much!

"Thank you very much Cristina, for helping us to improve our relationship. We were not aware of how our communication style was distancing us so much..."

S.W. & P.W.


“I cannot thank you more for the skills you taught us. It was a life changer and we are much more connected now. Thank you for helping us to reconnect...”

A.M. & T.C.


“We are so fortunate to have found and worked with you. The skills you taught us will stay with us forever and we will use them to continue our journey together..."

R.D & M.E.


Hello, I am Cristina Wood, LMFT

I am here to help!

Reaching out for help is proof of your strengths

Whether you are looking for a fulfilling career, harmonious relationships, resilient children, and a life abundant in purpose. I am here to help. I provide tailored tools and insights to unlock every individual's potential.

I believe that we already have inside us, everything we need to accomplish anything we want to in our lives. We have the ability – in the middle of complete despair – to link ourselves with that little flame in our heart that fuels our soul and connects us with LIFE. The process can be challenging, but it is rewarding and enriching. It sets us free, makes us stronger, and gives us the power to move in the direction of a life full of possibilities. 🙂


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